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Technical and Non-technical Services

Technical Services (Hard FM)

Installation & MaintenanceRepair & Refurbish
Electrical / ElectronicsWiring, Lamping, Generator & Diesel Supply / Management, UPS, Control Systems, HV/LV, Switchgear,
Appliance Testing, Fire Alarm, CCTV, IT Services , Street Light installation & Maintenance
Mechanical & Industrial
General Plumbing, Pump & Generator Engine Repairs and Overhauling, Metal Fabrication, Specialist Lifting
& Air-conditioning, HVAC, -VRV , machine parts replacement bearing , cone rod, sprocket, conveyor, screw
Civil Construction , Metal
works, Building Fabric
Painting. Decorating, Carpentry, Bricklaying, Property Refurbishment and Metal works, Construction
Terminal Operations &
Oil Services consumables, Vessel Receipts, Truck Loading, Ullaging, Servicing & Repairs
Specialist ServicesBore Hole & Water Treatment. Swimming Pools, Fabrication, Arc Welding, Subcontract Management

Non- Technical Services (Soft FM)

Cleaning & Pest Control

Corporate & Industrial Cleaning, Post-Construction & Post-Event Cleaning, Fumigation & Pest Control, Weed
control, Residential Cleaning (Estates & Multiple-dwelling)

Canteen & CateringGardening & Landscaping

Canteen & Resident Chef Services
Resident or OcassionalGardner Services
One-of Services (Tree Loping, Hedge Control, Weed Control, Landscaping & Design)

Procurement Services

Vendor Rationalisation, Price Benchmarking, Bid Process Management, Non-Inventory Goods Purchasing,

Estate Management Services

Service Charge Management, House rules, Facility Audit, FM Service Provider KPI Monitoring, Statutory
Compliance & Liaising With Authorities (PHCH/Water/ Planning/ Insurance/etc)

Waste Management Specialist

Refuse & Sewage Management, Health & Safety Training (Fire Drill & Evacuation), Corporate Concierge,
Transportation & Haulage

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